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L'insegnante va in collegio

Streaming School Teacher in College (1978) : Online Movies Edwige Fenech stars in this Italian sex-comedy as the new teacher in all-boys Catholic school. All of the boys desire for the chance to "learn" more about their new teacher, but only 1 student gets the opportunity.


Production Company: Devon Film

Release: Mar 01, 1978

Subtitle: Germany.png france.png italy.png Spain.png belanda.png portugal.png Hungary.ico ETC.

Production Countries: Italy

Quality: HD

Rating: 5.1

Casts: Renzo Montagnani, Edwige Fenech, Lino Banfi, Alvaro Vitali, Gianfranco D'Angelo, Dino Emanuelli, Paola Pieracci, Jacques Stany, Graziella Polesinanti, Dante Cleri, Lucio Montanaro

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