Volume III

Volume III

After a young college student, Horace, meets a serial killer, Mr. Etterhaff, whilst studying a broad in Venice, everything spirals out of control when he realizes that his own personality is being submerged into Mr. Etterhaff's persona.

2 Fists Up

2 Fists Up 2016

When University of Missouri football players threatened to boycott their game with Brigham Young University last November unless president Tim Wolfe resigned, they made news far beyond the sports pages and Columbia, Missouri. But that was only one chapter in a tale that began long before that - a tale that director Spike Lee unspools in this Lil' Joints documentary for ESPN Films. Yes, the athletes played a significant role in forcing Wolfe's resignation, but it was really the female organizers of the Concerned Student 1950 movement, as well as a man, Jonathan Butler, willing to starve himself, who stood tallest in the confrontation with institutional racism at Mizzou. Indeed, their courage and resolve brings hope to the message chanted at the end of the film: "We gonna be all right."

The Fragiles

The Fragiles 2018

The film introduces us to the story of a young man who doesn’t think about tomorrow. For the romantic, courageous, windy and reckless lad, every day is a new adventure... We meet the protagonist and his friends at a key moment in one adventure, which brings about a fateful acquaintance: he falls in love with a girl who offers herself to him, and at the same time the prospect of fast profit. In love affairs there is everything but love.

Bhayaanak Panjaa

Bhayaanak Panjaa 2003

A group of news reporters faces life threatening challenges from a vengeful spirit while staying at a mansion at the rural area for the reporting of a suspected murder.

Fish Day

Fish Day 2018

On their day off, two friends set off into wild nature and collect a third man, but the latter has turned into a fish. The friends must decide what to do next.

The Teacher

The Teacher 2018

An elderly literature teacher lives a solitary life in his apartment. He reads books, listens to the news about culture. Every day he calls a friend in a distant city and remembers his youth. He is not particularly interested in the modern world — until one day that modern world breaks into his house, completely overturning his life.

Owl's Shadow

Owl's Shadow 2018

Pavel Vladimirovich Savin (nickname Sova — the Owl) has long wanted to leave his business. To this end he advances Denis for the post of city head. Things are going smoothly, but suddenly Denis is kidnapped by his own employees. As he is taken away in an unknown direction, Denis tries to remember what it is that he has done to draw all these troubles upon himself.

Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Christmas

Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Christmas 1995

Very first animated Orphan Annie--and a wonderful Christmas tale it is. Daddy Warbucks has Annie at his huge estate with Sandy, her big dog, It seems Daddy is more like Scrooge this season. He is irrated and crabby---so cranky that Annie runs off into the night with her beloved Sandy. Punjab tells Warbucks Annie is gone! and that this event is unlucky and will upset the Grand Order of things. So, Warbucks and Punjab take off searching for missing duo. An adventure begins and the rest you must find out for yourself because I don't want to give the plot away!

Six Twenty Eight

Six Twenty Eight 2018

The 18-year-old Sasha is in love with her dorm neighbour and passionately hates the latter’s boyfriend, Egor, who illegally lives in their room. More than anything Sasha wants to get rid of Egor — at any cost. She doesn’t know yet that sometimes a dream coming true is the worst that can happen.


Promotion 2018

Artem is a timid and lonely young man. Every evening he goes to a shop near his house, buys groceries that are on special offer, collects stickers and dreams of winning a trip to France. One day he notices a new cashier — Evgenia, a beautiful young girl with a peculiar sense of humour. Despite the complexity of their characters, Artem and Evgenia find a common language and get closer.

Electric Current

Electric Current 2018

A story about attraction and parting, the laws of physics and Gippius’s poetry.