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    United States of America
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    Matthew Reese, K. Danor Gerald, Jennifer Klekas, Sarah Bell, Adam Abram, Johnny Ahn, Britani Bateman, Paul D. Hunt
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Summary: The Eleventh Hour
Streaming The Eleventh Hour (2008) : Online Movies An ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Adams, (Matthew Reese) was captured during a raid to free Japanese prisoners from a North Korean prison camp. He endures the North Koreans torture for three years -- seen only as flashbacks -- then released back into civilian life. A renegade North Korean General wants revenge for the raid on his camp, he follows Adams back to the United States with a plot to manipulate the former soldier into assassinating the leader of the raid, now a United States senator, Mason Chambers (K. Danor Gerald). The General targets Adams' estranged wife, Rachel (Jennifer Klekas) has her attacked so a doctor on the North Koreans payroll can insert a bomb into her head. Then Adam is captured, given the assignment and warned he must assassinate the senator within 12 hours or the bomb will detonate.