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    Masato Hyugaju, Takafumi Imai, Kenta Itogi, Shinwa Kataoka, Kohei Kuroda, Shion Machida, Shoichi Matsuda, Masanori Mizuno
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Summary: Tokyo Gore School
Streaming Tokyo Gore School (2009) : Online Movies For Fujiwara, everything seems to be going well - he is doing well in high school, he is good looking and also a good fighter. One day, he is suddenly attacked by a group of students without any provocation. He then discovers that there is a mysterious violent game being played out in the corridors and playfrounds of Tokyo’s high schools. The game is being spread virally via the students’ mobile phones! The victims are mysteriously hypnotized and become senseless killing machines. Fujiwara must fight for his survival and to discover the game’s terrifying secret.