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Streaming Secret Police (1992) : Online Movies Alex Fong hangs around gangsters, stresses out his girlfriend with his reluctance to commit and embarrasses his father (Ku Feng) when he gets into trouble. Moon Lee is his sister who’s also a cop working at the same the station of her father and she can’t stand her brother nor his lifestyle. When their father is murdered in cold blood by a hired hitman (Billy Chow), Moon Lee vows to avenge his death.

Genre: ,

Production Company: Silver Screen International

Release: Mar 11, 1992

Subtitle: Germany.png france.png italy.png Spain.png belanda.png portugal.png Hungary.ico ETC.

Production Countries: Hong Kong

Quality: HD


Casts: Moon Lee, Alex Fong, Lung Fong, Shum Wai, Henry Fong Ping, Billy Chow

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DOA: Dead or Alive
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Enter the Dragon
Kill Bill: Vol. 1