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Ζάλογγο, το Κάστρο της Λευτεριάς

Streaming Zalongo, the Fort of Freedom (1959) : Online Movies The heroic Souli have managed to repel the asker of Ali Pasha and his brave Malamos Dragon sends his mother to ask her hand Maro, niece of the captain Tzavelena. She ignores the hatred that separated years both Families and agrees to give her niece, but to know that Maro loves Kitsos Botsari. When the son of Fotos Tzavellas engage Maro with Kitsos, the Malamos drowns his pain and unleashes his rage against the Turks, who are trying again to get the Souli.

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Casts: Tzavalas Caruso, Nina Sgouridis, Byron Pallis