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Roma città aperta

Streaming Rome, Open City (1945) : Online Movies ROME, OPEN CITY is a landmark in film history. Filmed in secrecy during the Nazi occupation of Italy, the film shows a realistic portrayal of the underground resistance in Italy in 1945. The film has strong impacting imagery with its mix of fiction and reality that strengthened Italian Neo-realism and the film industry.

Genre: ,

Production Company: Minerva Film SpA, Excelsa Films

Release: Sep 27, 1945

Subtitle: Germany.png france.png italy.png Spain.png belanda.png portugal.png Hungary.ico ETC.

Production Countries: Italy

Quality: HD

Rating: 8.1

Casts: Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, Marcello Pagliero, Francesco Grandjacquet, Harry Feist, Maria Michi, Vito Annichiarico, Ákos Tolnay, Joop van Hulzen, Carla Rovere, Giovanna Galletti

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