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Letztes aus der DaDaeR

Streaming Latest from the DaDaeR (1990) : Online Movies In a loose set of cabaret pieces, Steffen Mensching and Hans-Eckardt Wenzel - highly acclaimed East German poets, songwriters and clowns - satirize East German life in its final days and the arrival of new times after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The clowns are allowed to leave prison to sing for people outside. As they perform their pieces, however, the country sinks into rebellion, the prison is attacked and looted, and the people chase the clowns away. Latest from the Da-Da-R was the first film made by an artistic production group that had fought for independence within the structures of the state-owned DEFA film studio for years. "Da-Da-R" is a wordplay on the irreverent Dada art movement of the 1920s and the German acronym for East Germany- the DDR.

Production Countries: Germany

Quality: HD


Casts: Steffen Mensching, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel, Irm Hermann, Christoph Hein, André Hennicke, Gustav-Adolf Schur, Gerd Wolf, Peter Dommisch