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O Cangaceiro

Streaming The Magnificent Bandits (1969) : Online Movies Brazil, the 1920s. The sadistic colonel Minas massacres the hometown of a famous cangaceiro (a kind of revolutionary bandit). The only survivor is a young farmer called Espedito; he is nursed back to health by a (crazy?) hermit who thinks he has been sent (= espedito) by God and therefore baptizes him the Redeemer. Espedito/The Redeemer forms his own gang of cangaceiros but doesn’t really understand what he’s doing until he befriends the proverbial European intellectual, a Dutch Oil prospector, who introduces him to important people. Espedito is hired (and of course double-crossed) by the Dutchman and a corrupt local governor, but then the Dutchman changes sides …


Production Company: Producciones Cinematográficas D.I.A., Medusa Distribuzione, Tritone Cinematografica

Release: Dec 23, 1969

Subtitle: Germany.png france.png italy.png Spain.png belanda.png portugal.png Hungary.ico ETC.

Production Countries: Spain, Italy

Quality: HD

Rating: 7

Casts: Tomás Milián, Ugo Pagliai, Renato Rossini, Eduardo Fajardo, Howard Ross, Leo Anchóriz, Mário Gusmão, Alfredo Santacruz, Jesús Guzmán, Claudio Scarchilli, José Carlos Farias

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