Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems

Set in the "diamond district" between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Plot unknown.

Delinquent Boss: Smooth Talking, Good Fighting

Delinquent Boss: Smooth Talking, Good Fighting 1971

This is the Twelfth film in the series. There were seventeen Wolves of the City films between 1968 & 1974, in the main aimed at shock-value & “pinku” soft-core with sex, nudity, violence, gunplay, & a lot of mainly pointless foolishness when the biker gang coopts racist or nazi imagery, inventing a non-existent youth culture void of morality…


Saavi 1985

When a woman learns that her husband married her for her money, she decides to divorce him.

A Wedding and a Murder: A Divine Death

A Wedding and a Murder: A Divine Death

A second marriage for a divorced couple brings hope and happiness, until a tragic and mysterious death occurs. Investigators must determine whether the bride believed she was fulfilling God’s will, or if there is something more sinister involved

Mobsters in the Mountains

Mobsters in the Mountains

Franklin and his family flee from New York City to the countryside to defect from the evil Woodlawn Crime Family and its leader Don Gatti.

Harry H.

Harry H. 1978

Inspector Holgersson would prefer to sit and fish at the quayside, but he can not say no when someone asks for help.

A Noite dos Assassinos

A Noite dos Assassinos 1976

In a little forgotten town three bandits robbers a bank and manages to run away with a lot of dough. The police is triggered killing two of them after a pursuit and Ruth now is the only to scape.

A Life Full of Evils

A Life Full of Evils 1983

A man just out of jail seduces a lonely woman with more money than sense. He swindles her out of both, then kills her. Very quickly, hes hitched up with another woman and a businessman friend.