The Thicket

The Thicket

Orphan Jack Parker enlists the help of a bounty hunter and others to rescue his kidnapped sister in turn of the century Texas.

Natás is Satan

Natás is Satan 1977

A classic crime thriller shot on the streets of New York. Natás, a psychopath, is a New York City cop who is corrupt and deals in blackmail, extortion, and murder. A young couple who are framed by Natás escape his grasp and the game of 'cat and mouse' begins.

Satanic Cults and Ritual Crime

Satanic Cults and Ritual Crime 1990

This program explains some of the reasons why people are drawn to the Satanic way of life and reveals the symbols used by members of the occult world. The program also highlights some of the criminal activities associated with ritual practices and ceremonies and gives important dates when these crimes are most likely to occur during the year. (

My Beloved

My Beloved 1982

My Beloved is a Hong Kong Drama directed by Wong Chi and starring Alex Man.

The Bomb Shell

The Bomb Shell 1981

A young maniac starts a terrorist spree in Hong Kong. The police do not manage to catch the culprit. When the wife and child of inspector Tsui get wounded in one of the explosion, he intends to catch the dangerous maniac.


Azhal 2017

Directed by S Saravanan, the movie is a Singapore-Malaysia collaboration that stars Arvind Naidu, Dato` Shasha Sri, Haydon Roy and more.