Shantytown 1943

Liz lives with her mother and stepfather in a boarding house on the "wrong side of the tracks"

Arson Squad

Arson Squad 1945

Tom Mitchell is an insurance investigator and Fire Capt. Joe Dugan is chief of the police department's arson troubleshooters. Tom and Joe team up to solve a particularly vicious series of deliberate fires. A man has been killed in one conflagration, so the villains have a murder rap hanging over them.

Organización criminal

Organización criminal 1968

A summit meeting of rival gangs, one predominantly Italian and the other a mix of Polish, Irish, and Italian mobsters, fails to resolve their differences, and gang war breaks out.

The Jewel

The Jewel 1933

A family heirloom is stolen and the family attempts to recover it.

Squadron of Honor

Squadron of Honor 1938

Squadron of Honor takes place during an American Legion convention, with newsreel shots of the genuine article interspersed among the reenacted scene. A murder is committed, and young legionnaire Blane (Don Terry) wants to find out who's responsible. The cops are convinced that pacifistic munitions executive Metcalf (Thurston Hall) committed the crime, but in fact Metcalf has been framed by pro-war armaments manufacturer Kimball (Robert Warwick).

The Main Chance

The Main Chance 1964

A wealthy young layabout tries to double cross the master-crook who has engaged him to do a job.


Ghaath 2000

Krishna Patil is a poor, unemployed, unsuccessful and short tempered youth who stays in a chawl with his father Ramakant and elder sister Mansi. He tries to secure a job in the police department but fails. One day he happens to meet Kavita Choudhary, a young, rich, beautiful, intelligent lawyer. He falls for her instantly and begins wooing her. Kavita, having recently lost her father, stays alone and feels lonely and depressed. There is a certain void in her life. She is looking for someone to share her loneliness and an unemployed Krishna suits her requirements perfectly. Hence she accepts him as her boyfriend despite his mediocre looks, poor family background, jobless status and lack of personal hygiene.


Ammajan 1999

Ammajan (English: Dear Mother) is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film directed by Kazi Hayat and written by Monwar Hossain Dipjol. The film was released in 1999 in Bangladesh. It was produced by Monwar Hossain Dipjol. It is a drama film and superstars Manna, Shabnam Moushumi, Amin Khan, Monwar Hossain Dipjol, Miju Ahmed and more. It is all-time blockbuster Bangladeshi movie and it is one of the highest-grossing films at Bangladesh box-office.

Her Favourite Husband

Her Favourite Husband 1950

While casing a bank he intends to rob, gangster Leo discovers one of the clerks, Antonio, is his exact double. He kidnaps Antonio and robs the bank, posing as Antonio. But Leo hadn't accounted for the involvement of Antonio's wife, Dorothy.

Midnight Morals

Midnight Morals 1932

A rookie cop falls for a "taxi dancer" in a dance hall, but his father has strong objections to the relationship.