Baebaeng-i 1973

A powerful Minister Oh sends his political enemy Governor Jeong to exile and takes his son Jeong junior as a hostage. Oh's widowed daughter becomes in love for Jeong junior but he rejects her saying he is engaged with Bae Baeng-Yi who is a daughter of a noble family in Jeong Seung Gol village. Lady Oh is driven mad at jealousy of Bae Baeng-Yi. She disguises as a shaman and invites Bae Baeng-Yi to a mountain where she kills the girl. At her funeral as Bae Baeng-Yi's coffin doesn't move, a shaman holds an exorcism and asks Jeong junior to soothe for her spirit and fidelity. Finally funeral service is over without problem. By the way lady Oh, who is annoyed by Bae Baeng-Yi's resented spirit, falls from a cliff to death in a half-mad state. Those who exploited illicit and superstition die out.


Spirits 1973

Spirits of Chun-Sam's mother and wife, who are raped and severely murdered by Rang-Son and his followers, appear to kill 4 knights. Surprised by this, the lord asks Chun-Sam to help Rang-Son to seize the ghosts. Ghosts recognize him and avoid fighting. But his wife's spirit can't tolerate longing for him and appears to him to spend one night in defiance with her mother-in-law's dissuade. Rang-Son understand the situation and tries to catch the ghosts by using Chun-Sam as a bait, but the ghosts kill his followers. As Chun-Sam finds the truth, he kills Rang-Son. When Chun-Sam builds graves for his mother and wife, two ghosts revive from death and appear in front of him

The Story of Lady Arang

The Story of Lady Arang 1974

As a chief of town is dispatched to Mil-Yang and each time the chief dies on the first day, the government looks for a volunteer to be the chief of Mil-Yang regardless of social position. So Chil-Deok, a peddler, takes that job. As night falls, a ghost appears and asks him to resolve her resentment. Her story is this : Her name is Arang, and she is daughter of former chief of town Jeong Yun-Seo. She is in love with Kim, son of a ruined noble family. As her father is angry at their love, Yoon Do-Seung makes an ill use of Jeong's wrath. Kim is killed in Yoon's trap and Arang is too killed when she tris to run away. Chil-Deok takes Arang's body out of a well and punishes Yoon Do-Seung to resolve her resentment. After that he leaves the town.

Fairy of the Night

Fairy of the Night 1986

In-chul, a scholar of botany, is climbing a mountain for some research when he meets Jin-suk who lives in a forest cottage. At the request of Jin-suk's father, Sang-do, In-chul stays and lives with them. One day, a snake catcher falls under the temptation of Sang-do and is used as a body for dissection. While probing dubious action of Sang-do, In-chul is captured and locked in the basement. He is to become the subject of a live dissection. In-chul had been suspicious of their behavior and investigating when he was caught. In-chul is lying on a surgery table when he escapes with the help of a young hiker and Jin-suk. Sang-do confesses that he had been suffering from nightmares ever since he was dragged off by the Japanese and forced to perform live dissections. These nightmares have made Sang-do a murderer. After his confession, Sang-do kills himself. In-chul and Jin-suk leave the cottage.


Karma 1988

Governor Heo, worried over the plague that's sweeping the country, rebukes the Kus who make amulets to ward off evil. Heo castrates the husband when he makes superstitious claims and takes the wife as his mistress. Heo continues to be tormented by hallucinations and nightmares and begins to blame it on the Kus' curse. He kills the couple at their reunion and unable to ward off his bad karma, dies from leprosy.

Ghost Training Center

Ghost Training Center 1988

Jeon Woi-ja, the wizard, uses evil spirits to serve his selfish desires. He opposes the Gang-si (frozen corpse) training center, Bubekjang Center, which educates wandering spirits and sends them away. Woi-ja picks the most evil corpses and sends them to the center in hopes of ruining it but without success. When his evil amulets fails to work he chants the eight signs of divination in hopes of getting rid of the gang-sis. But the gang-sis band together to fight Woi-ja and succeeds in reforming him and guiding him to a better path.

Woman's Cry at Snowy Night

Woman's Cry at Snowy Night 1972

A woman evil appears to a Japanese feudal lord Mori and kills his son and kidnaps his daughter. He follows the evil but the evil's trick leads his daughter to be killed. Wounded Mori meets a monk who saves him. During Toyotomi invasion long time ago, Mori turned down his staff's advice to attack Korean commanders and woman evil. His men and villagers leave town to avoid the evil. Mori kills his wife by mistake while he runs after that evil. As the monk who knows everything comes to him, Mori admits regretting his faults and leaves for Korea to make sacrifice.

Horror in the Underworld

Horror in the Underworld 1971

Mi-Hye and Mi-Ran sisters get to inherit 100,000 dollars from their long lost father. The next day Mi-Hye's lover Baek Seung-Ji finds that Mi-Ran got killed, which makes him a suspect of the crime. To prove he is innocent, Seung-Ji investigates the murder. Soon it turns out that a band of North Korean agents including Dr. Kim, Mi-Ran and Mi-Hye planned to kidnap Seung-Ji who worked as a cipher officer in the military. The police arrest all the North Korean agents who were on the verge of kidnapping Seung-Ji.

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom 1973

A royal inspector Kim Sang-Won disguised as a traveler arrives at a village where they say a ghost appears to examine the details. Finally he is in the disguise of a resented spirit because of broken engagement and goes to the abandoned house where he discloses that Lee, a scholar, and his daughter In-Yeon murder the chief of the village Kim's whole family. Also he tells official circles and people that ghost can not be existed in any circumstances.

Comedy of Horrors

Comedy of Horrors 1981

The story is set at Beacon House, a small honeymoon hotel hexed by a haunt, which is located along a scenic but desolate stretch of the North Carolina coast. People whose pasts are tainted with evil will not find Beacon House a peaceful shelter; only the innocent and pure of heart will find safety.

Evil Spirit

Evil Spirit 1981

Mi-ryeong marries Ji-kwang and takes him to live at her mansion. He soon seems to fall ill and he requests that his friend, Yeo-ok be hired on to nurse him. However, Yeo-ok and Ji-kwang are really lovers and together they manage to fake Ji-kwang's death. They next torment Mi-ryeong with visions of his 'ghost'. Mi-ryeong dies of fright and Yeo-ok and Ji-kwang marry--but their happiness is short-lived as their nights are interupted by the vengeful spirit of Mi-ryeong.


Drag 1993

The world is dead. A lone woman, Victoria, struggles valiantly to stay alive on this desolate planet once known as Earth. But Victoria is not alone here. She shares her horrifying new world with beings of a different kind... the living dead, ferocious beasts hungrily searching for human flesh. With a sawed-off shotgun strapped to her back, Victoria drags a dead body through this horrifying new world in a desperate attempt to hold onto her humanity... to hold on to her past.

Revenge of the Snake Woman

Revenge of the Snake Woman 1970

Yong-nyeo, who was sacrificed for love and had lost her life, is reincarnated as a snake and takes the form of a woman. She seduces Ji-eon, the son-in-law of Aristocrat Shin, a man of power. They fall deeply in love and spend the night together. Meanwhile, Shin, who had caused Yong-nyeo's death is haunted by strange accidents. Shin is eventually killed by Yong-nyeo. Yong-nyeo, with the karma of having killed, cannot stay in this world and leaves for the other together with her love Ji-eon.

To Axing Coffin

To Axing Coffin 1970

Taoist spiritual leader Jang-jung doubts fidelity of his wife Geun-hwa and comes back home from a mountain. However, nothing happened to her. As Jang-jung dies suddenly, Geun-hwa falls into deep sorrow. Cho-u who is a student of Jang-jung appears to condole her. Geun-hwa and Jang-jung become lovers and at the moment when they make love, Cho-u falls down and becomes ill. Geun-hwa hears that he needs a brain for cure. So she opens up Jang-jung's coffin. To her surprise, Jang-jung wakes up and Geun-hwa dies of shock. Jang-jung regrets his doubt toward his wife.

Ghost and Painter

Ghost and Painter 1970

Artist Kyeong-pa is asked by the father of a dead girl to paint a portrait of the man's daughter to put her soul to rest. But whenever the artist tries to paint it, a different woman appears on the canvas. The image always takes the form of a woman whom he loved but has also passed away. The ghost of the man's daughter is not very happy that her painting has not been finished and makes her wrath known.

Revenge of a Woman

Revenge of a Woman 1971

Sir Choi and his son Wan, are in an exile. Wan gets engaged with Seol there, but as Sir Choi has been granted an amnesty, he goes to Seoul, deserting his daughter-in-law despite Wan's sincere request to bring her to Seoul. Wan wins the first place of the state examination and gets married with Beo-Deul, a daughter of the prime minster. Seol who got killed by Sir Choi when she came to Seoul to meet Wan, scares Wan out of wits every night with her mother's ghost. Beo-Deul succeeds in recovering Wan's health with the help of some old monk, but in the end, Wan and his father Choi get killed, being seduced by Seol's ghost.

Ok-Nyeo's Resentment

Ok-Nyeo's Resentment 1972

Ok-Nyo, daughter of poor but noble family, falls in love with a young noble man Mr. Jeong. Hyang-A, daughter of chief of district, is so jealous that set a fire in Ok-Nyo's house using her father's power. Ok-Nyo and her family helplessly die. Mr. Jeong has to marry to Hyang-A because he is forced to do so by chief of district. Every night Ok-Nyo's resented spirit appears in the disguise of Hyang-A to torment Hyang-A. After the days of terrible horror, Hyang-A regrets what she did and comes back to Mr. Jeong.

A Brave King

A Brave King 1976

Su-Jeong, a daughter of the lord of a castle in a beautiful country, Star, loves Ho-Dong, a brave man. The lord declares that the person who brings the most valuable treasure will be the husband of his daughter. Then, with a magic box, Ho-Dong takes part in the contest but Wang Bang Wul wins the victory with an evil plot. Frustrated Ho-Dong and Su-Jeong go in the magic box where the age is modern times. They experience there a variety of happy events, appearing on TV and winning a prize. Ho-Dong and Su-Jeong returning to Star under Wang Bang Wul's occupation rescue the lord and restore peace.

Yo-kwon Gwoi-kwon

Yo-kwon Gwoi-kwon 1982

Kim Chi-hwan, the magistrate of the Ok-ra county, wiped out the family and relatives of Lee Min-bu with his wicked tricks. In order to avenge her family, the spirit of Min-bu's wife, Yun, is reborn. Yun invokes the spirits of Jang-hwa Hong-ryon and coaxes them to take revenge upon their stepmother Heo. (The stepmother Heo had been called back to earth and presently living with the magistrate. She is his servant, carrying out his murderous crimes.) Jang-hwa Hong-ryon is reborn. Yun also calls upon the spirit of maiden Suk who had killed herself when Chi-hwan raped her one day before her wedding. The four reborn women take their revenge and then return to the spirit world.


Vampirismus 1982

A Count marries a woman with illness that makes her suffer attacks of vampirism. The Count took flight in the wildest horror, and ran, without any idea where he was going or what he was doing, impelled by the deadliest terror, all about the walks in the park, till he found himself at the door of his own Castle as the day was breaking, bathed in cold perspiration. Involuntarily, without the capability of taking hold of a thought, he dashed up the steps, and went bursting through the passages and into his own bedroom.