The Magic Man

The Magic Man 1986

A commando jungle action movie takes a weird turn toward the end when one of the soldiers miraculously transforms into an ass-kicking werewolf. Footage from this later ended up in the Filmark movie "Mad Move."

Bloody Tarot

Bloody Tarot 1990

The cards indicate a bloody death and everyone knows that tarot never lies.

Drakula Goes to R.P.

Drakula Goes to R.P. 1973

Drakula Goes to RP was a horror comedy that topbilled Dolphy and Maritess Revilla. In the story, Dolphy has a half-brother (Navarro) who is based in London. One day, a package was delivered to him and since it was huge, he remarked: “Ang bait naman ng kapatid ko, nagpadala pa ng refrigerator.” The ref turned out to be a coffin and when Dolphy opened it, there was Rod Navarro — deader than dead. I consider that a master stroke because from comedy, the audience was engulfed within moments by a horror scene that was scary.

Who's Afraid of Werewolves?

Who's Afraid of Werewolves? 1975

Two young men in search of adventure meet Iracema, a bride who's been left waiting at the church. They give her a ride on their jeep, until they find the most strange family: a couple with seven girls and a son. According to popular tradition, a man born after seven girls is bound to become a werewolf.

Love with Cloud

Love with Cloud 1981

Wong Chi-chae, an ambitious young doctor, is secretly in a relationship with Cheng Yuh-hsya, a nurse. When the president of the hospital selects Wong to be his daughter's suitor, the doctor breaks off his relationship with Yuh-hsya, who reveals that she is pregnant and determined to keep the child. During a heated argument, Wong kills Yuh-hsya and hides her body in a well. He then begins to lose his grip on reality. Has he truly become the victim of Yuh-hsya's supernatural revenge?



When the outbreak happened, Roger fought in the fields, while Tony hid in the shelters. Now that the war is over, Roger is keeping a secret which he wants to share with Tony.

Bloodstained Painting

Bloodstained Painting 1988

A story of a Malaysian high school teacher and his wife that move to Indonesia into a new home whose former owner had been killed by burglars.

Eyewitness Murders: An Experiment in Reality Television

Eyewitness Murders: An Experiment in Reality Television 1988

Tyler Bowie is producing a documentary on sex workers in the Los Angeles area. He’s a Vietnam vet, he’s hooked on coke, and he has an unhealthy fixation on the ladies of the night, which leads him to meeting a host of interesting underworld characters throughout the course of the production. However, things go awry and Tyler starts to go crazy, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.

Behind the Bush

Behind the Bush

Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man. The silence's his refuge, the perversion his outlet.

Last Halloween

Last Halloween

In this short film, Sarah and Matt have a 'unique' relationship. But when they throw a Halloween party, things take a turn for the worse.


Shadow 1980

Renato, a depressed man with a troubled past, thinks his luck has finally changed when he meets the wonderful Monica. Unfortunately, Monica currently occupies a home she believes is haunted by the malicious spirit of her dead grandfather. This psychological horror / drama was a flop in theaters and, to date, has only been issued a single time on a home viewing format (a VHS release in Italy).

Long Way of Death

Long Way of Death 1972

The life and death of Colonel Orestes, a decadent coffee farmer, spanning three generations between despair, hallucinations, and the help of three different wives. The city, the synthesis of modernization, definitively buries the oligarch making buildings on the ground that had previously made the character's prestige.

Don't Look

Don't Look

In the tradition of classic horror movies, "Don't Look" is the story of five friends who leave NYC for a weekend they'll never forget.