Resurrected from the Grave

Resurrected from the Grave 1988

On the way to the hospital, a man and his pregnant wife are both murdered while she's in the middle of giving birth. And then the men responsible for the deaths start mysteriously dying.



Abductee is a chilling "found footage" film set in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Terrifying in a way that few other horror films are, Abductee explores the bizarre and misunderstood world of alien abduction. Through a first person account, we come to know the fear and mental anguish that befalls a man as he attempts to unravel the mystery of what happens to him when he is alone in the middle of the night. Drew hasn't been sleeping very well. On numerous occasions he awakes suddenly, completely unable to move, a victim of a common, but terrifying disorder called Sleep Paralysis. After suffering from this condition for many years, Drew finally decides to take matters into his own hands and capture his nighttime episodes on video, in order to find out exactly what he is experiencing while he is frozen in his bed. With money inherited from his recently deceased father, Drew purchases an array of surveillance cameras and microphones and mounts them around his house in order to ...

The Horny Vampire

The Horny Vampire 1971

A Las Vegas vampire who apparently has no aversion to direct sunlight attempts to get laid using the book "1001 Ways to Seduce Women." Released in two different versions: a 45-minute X-rated cut with explicit sex scenes and a truncated soft-core "comedy" version half that length.

The Rest

The Rest

Three couples meet at random at 'The Rest', a remote coastal holiday cottage which each believes they've booked for a weekend break. Initially hostile to each other's intrusion, they eventually decide to make the best of it in the large, rambling house. As the weekend unfolds and the weather closes in, drawing with it an escalating series of strange, unexplainable events, they soon find themselves trapped by a terrifying supernatural force.

Shock Cinema: Volume Three

Shock Cinema: Volume Three 1991

Subtitled "Bloopers, Babes and Blood!," this video features scenes from numerous CInema Home Video releases as well as behind the scenes footage and bloopers from Nightmare Sisters (1988) and Dr. Alien (1989).

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom 1973

A royal inspector Kim Sang-Won disguised as a traveler arrives at a village where they say a ghost appears to examine the details. Finally he is in the disguise of a resented spirit because of broken engagement and goes to the abandoned house where he discloses that Lee, a scholar, and his daughter In-Yeon murder the chief of the village Kim's whole family. Also he tells official circles and people that ghost can not be existed in any circumstances.

Curse of the Moon Child

Curse of the Moon Child 1972

Adam West confronts a cult of demonic children in Victorian London performing necromancy and human sacrifice — all of whose members were born under the sign of Cancer. The film was the pilot for Zodiac, a twelve part series of TV movies from Gold Key Entertainment. Future instalments would have included titles as Vengeance Of Virgo, starring Christopher Lee, The Left Hand of Gemini with Ian McShane, Joan Collins in The Aquarian and The Aries Computer, starring Vincent Price, which would have involved a supercomputer conquering an overpopulated Earth. Sadly, the series was cancelled , but story ideas from unproduced episodes were later repurposed for the short-lived 1974 comedy/crime series from Thames Television — also called Zodiac.

Kingdom of the Vampire

Kingdom of the Vampire 1991

Jeff works the night shift, then comes home to his domineering mother, who has the grisly habit of slaughtering neighborhood children to satisfy her insatiable bloodlust. Jeff is reluctant to reveal his true identity until he meets Nina, a young woman with a strange attraction for the introvert. But Jeff’s not the only one with eyes for Nina… mother has other plans for her!

Orgasm Mariko

Orgasm Mariko 1985

Kamura Mariko is in relationship with Yukio. But one day he leave her all alone, She suffer so much. that she decide to get her gory revenge.

Bees Saal Baad

Bees Saal Baad 1988

An evil spirit plots to possess a young, newly-married woman by driving nails into her legs.

Curious Spirit

Curious Spirit 1975

Susan is often disturbed by a horrifying female ghost, which has weakened her body. Her parents and lover, Charles, who are skeptical at first, eventually look for a shaman who can heal her. Initially the shaman’s spell works but then the ghost switches her target to the sister of Charles, Yuni, and results in her hanging herself. At this moment, Charles is reminded of his ex-girlfriend, Delia, who died by hanging herself out of her desperation because Charles got her pregnant and refused to take responsibility. Later, Delia possesses Susan and scary things start to happen. Veins and faces are slashed, windows and glasses are broken and shattered to pieces. Charles then calls his Koran-reading teacher and he battles the ghost with the sacred passages from the Koran.

The Vampire of the Highway

The Vampire of the Highway 1970

Some kind of sadist, but not human, is murdering people. A doctor is convinced that the killings are the evil workings of a reclusive odd baron who died many years ago.

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest 1992

A broken down van strands a group of college students in the middle of the desert. Forced to hike their way out, they unwittingly enter a sacred Indian burial ground...A place they should have left alone.

Curados de espantos

Curados de espantos 1991

During an excavation, archaeologist Magdalena (Lina Santos) accidentally resurrects a centuries-old vampire named Vladimir, who promptly disappears. When she attempts to warn authorities, she's locked away in a mental hospital for a spell. Upon release, she sets out to stop the vampire, who's now taken over a nightclub.

See the Dead

See the Dead

Sarah awakens to a dead world. As she struggles with her emotional traumas, she must survive the advance of nightmarish ghouls.

Terror on the Midnight Train

Terror on the Midnight Train 1980

“Terror en el tren de la medianoche” is an extremely obscure Spanish horror movie which is as rare as they come. The “Twilight Zone”-ish plot centres around middle-aged and balding station master Ruben, who is plagued by the vision of ghostly train. The train is always arriving at midnight to the accompaniment of eerie music whenever somebody in town has died. Swearing local priest Don Carmelo is skeptical. The main performance of Rafael Hernandez is competent and there is a bit of soft nudity provided by lovely Mari Paz Pondal.