AnyHow painters!

AnyHow painters! 1984

Story about how the plasticine heroes "Any" and "How" paint factorys fence. The film makes fun of slackers and bungler.

A Graph

A Graph

Animated parable in which a man chases after an unreachable point.


Identität 2008

"Sometimes i don't know who i am." A short-film about an old fellow being confronted with other peoples' judgments about him and how he deals with stuff like that.

Handsome Girl

Handsome Girl 1991

This is the story of young fifteen-year-old actress and model Mio Hagiwara, her school and friends, and over all, her relationship with Ichiya Kumagai, a cool young director of her age with which Mio falls in love with.

Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust

Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust 1993

Villgust is a peaceful world that exists parallel to ours. However, now an evil deity has been revived and has sent evil creatures to destroy many countries, which left darkness and terror to rule the world. The peoples' prayers and cries has reached out to the goddess Windina and in order to free the world from darkness she chose eight brave warriors to defeat the evil deity. Although blessed, these warriors are unaware at the path chosen for them, thus the two groups of Kui, Chris, Fanna, and Youta must meet up with Murobo, Remi, Ryuquir, and Bostov before they can follow the path chosen for them and defeat the evil deity.



"Mankind" is a reflexion about the current human being situation in a dark and immersive motion-designed vision : This project illustrates the ideas of our motivations, aims and achievements in our occidental society and asking questions about the real meaning of freedom.

Around the World with Dot

Around the World with Dot 1981

In this magical film Dot joins up with Santa Claus in order to help her friend the mother kangaroo find her lost baby. The pair take off into the air in Santa’s sleigh led by two kangaroos and travel the world searching for the zoo where the lost kangaroo has been sent.