Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa 1990

It's Christmas Eve and Santa's given Barney and his friends a special job to take Derek (the new kid in the neighborhood) to see if Santa knows his Address. After arriving in Barney's special sleigh, the kids frolic on the ice, pretend to be elves in Santa's workshop and learn from Mrs. Claus that "doing things for others is what Christmas is all about."

Gerbert - Before My First Day Began...

Gerbert - Before My First Day Began... 1990

Gerbert's friend, Patrick, is thinking of running away from home. He feels he does not fit in anywhere because he is an adopted child. Patrick learns that Gerbert is also adopted, and the two of them talk about "famous" people in the Bible who were adopted, such as Moses. Finally, Patrick discovers in a fresh and very personal way that God is his Father and we are all His "adopted" children. "Before My First Day Began...: was written primarily to offer comfort and insight to adopted children. However, it also addresses the reality that we are all adopted into God's family. This is a very honest, tender and helpful video for children (and families) of adoption. We hope it will find it's way into church libraries, school counselor's offices, family therapists' and child psychologists' offices, and many other concerned and active organization in this area of counseling.

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band 1988

This first filmed concert by Raffi illustrates his immense charm. The soft-spoken singer leads his turquoise-clad, four-member band through 20 songs with a rapt audience of kids and parents singing along. Raffi's easy manner and fluid vocals create an atmosphere that is very welcoming to youngsters, easily going from cute songs ("Apples and Bananas") to popular songs ("Day O") to a Spanish number ("De Colores") without ever losing them. The video also captures another key element of Raffi's success--his gaze is always inviting. The songs (also available on CD) include Raffi favorites "Everything Grows" and "Baby Beluga" and lots of standards. A wonderful time for ages 2-10 and adults

The Crown of Bogg

The Crown of Bogg 1981

It is time to crown a new king of the kingdom of Bogg, and King Mildew's son, Milo, seems like the best creature for the job. However, Vandred, the king's brother, has other plans, and intends to put his son, Vandal, on the thrown. He challenges Milo, who must prove his worthiness by retrieving the Crown of Bogg and returning it to the kingdom. The crown has been banned from the kingdom for years because it is cursed, but Mildew and Milo are willing to face the risks of the quest in order to keep Vandred and Vandal from assuming control of the kingdom

Video Catnip

Video Catnip 1989

HEY KITTYS LOOK! YES! It's time for kitty's favorite show...VIDEO CATNIP! We'll start with some fun and games for you and your human, then go right into the "Cats Only" part of the show. So get ready for some CAT-A-CLYSMIC fun with NO PAWS in the action.


Metichara 1988

A story about a friendship between eleven years old Niniko and a dolphin named Metichara.

D.T. in Dawg Territory

D.T. in Dawg Territory 1988

Cleveland Browns player Mike Golic meets D.T. (D'ruhaul Temahawk), an alien Fetchball player who has been kidnapped so he will miss his teams championship game. Together, the Browns race against the clock to make sure D.T. returns home in time.

Drum Dream Girl

Drum Dream Girl

Girls cannot be drummers. Long ago on an island filled with music, no one questioned that rule-until the drum dream girl. In her city of drumbeats, she dreamed of pounding tall congas and tapping small bongós. She had to keep quiet. She had to practice in secret. But when at last her dream-bright music was heard, everyone sang and danced and decided that both girls and boys should be free to drum and dream. Inspired by the childhood of Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, a Chinese-African-Cuban girl who broke Cuba's traditional taboo against female drummers, Drum Dream Girl tells an inspiring true story for dreamers everywhere.

Rocfish: The Prodigal Tale

Rocfish: The Prodigal Tale

Introducing the all new Rocfish! The International and Oz teams combine to form the new Rocfish super team! It's double the action - double the fun! You won't want to miss their exciting new production of the gospel parable, 'The Prodigal Tale'. Experience the laughter and tears as Rocfish take you on a journey to discover the meaning of true friends and true love!