Elvis Centre Stage

Elvis Centre Stage 1990

Centre Stage focuses on The King’s captivating stage presence - from his grip of the microphone, the dynamic swing of his hips, the classy and often spectacular costume choices to the intimate settings and romantic torch songs. Featuring his first live performance on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show in 1956 to “Unchained Melody” in 1977 during his final ever stage performance.

The Elders:  Hoolie

The Elders: Hoolie

1. Only Good News 2. Common Man 3. Building a Boat 4. Luck o' the Irish 5. Whiskey on the Fire 6. Please Come Home 7. Wanderin' Life and Times 8. Seven Years 9. Appalachian Paddy 10. Station #9



Set in the late 1950s, 'Penny' captures the energy and style of the iconic drive-in era in Australia. This short film follows Timmy (Jason Agius), a young cleaner at the drive-in, in his quest to impress local dancer Penny (Steph Dunbar) and win her heart. Aided by his friend Donna (Jodi Eames), a waitress at the Drive-In diner, he sets out to learn how to rock 'n' roll with the best of them.

Julio Iglesias: Live in Jerusalem

Julio Iglesias: Live in Jerusalem 1981

Backed by a symphony orchestra, singing superstar Julio Iglesias puts on a lively performance for 20,000 enthusiastic fans in this concert program, filmed live in 1981 at the Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem's natural amphitheater. Iglesias performs such beloved classics as "El Amor," "De Nina a Mujer," "Guantanemera," "33 Anos," "Quiereme Mucho," "Con Una Pinta Asi," "Si Me Dejas, No Vale," "Pobre Diablo," "Hey!" and more.

Pierrot Lunaire

Pierrot Lunaire 1988

A series of short vignettes set in a Berlin Mietskaserne (rental barracks for the poor), framed by Schönberg's atonal piece Pierrot Lunaire.

Kiss (Unauthorized)

Kiss (Unauthorized)

This unauthorized DVD biography is the ultimate un-officia l Kiss video created exclusively for the fans. It includes early backstage interview footage from the 1983 Creatures O f the Night Tour plus rare on-the-road footage of the band with over 100 never-before-published photos. Also features Kiss at a 1994 in-store appearance, signing autographs and taking picures with fans during their Lick It Up tour. T he DVD also includes a biography on each band member. This video is a must-have for any true Kiss fan.

La Pandilla en apuros

La Pandilla en apuros 1977

The film presents the five members of the popular music group La Pandilla in a tangled comedy-musical plot, involving a stolen audio recording, during the summer of their group tour. Includes sequences within the same concerts, where the enthusiastic public is also shown. The plot is woven around this tour, alternating performances with funny incidents at a hotel in Condado where they stayed.

Laugh in the Sleeve

Laugh in the Sleeve 1975

TONG Pak-Fu, CHUK Chi-Sang, MAN Ching-Ming and CHOW Man-Bun were the four famous learned-men in classical Mid-China. They were on good terms. Once, they picniced and visited the monkish home in Fu-Yau Mounts. While there they encounter the Lady of WAH Prime Minister in a sedan followed by a train of servants and maids. One of the maids named CHAU Heung was very attractive. Pak-Fu was attracted by CHAU Heung and tried every opportunity to get near her, and caused a lot of laughter. HE even followed CHAU Heung to Han-Chow. The Prime Minister needs a library mate urgently. Pak-Fu takes this opportunity to apply for it and was accepted. He tried to date CHAU Heung when she brings snacks to the library one day. She rebuked him for giving up his future prospects. The three friends of Pak-Fu discover that Pak-Fu had disappeared. They soon find out his whereabout. With the help of the 2nd daughter-in-law of the Prime Minister, a cousin of Pak-Fu...... the two lovers eventually get married.


Goro-chan 1990

A music video for the song by supepe that was featured on Fuji TV's Hirake! Ponkikki program.


Fussballspiele 1976

An attractive montage of a vivid and often tense highlights from the soccer field ... Headers, fouls, dribbling, runs, goalmouth dramas are juxtaposed, slowed down, repeated and at the same time embellished acoustically in such an apt and lively manner by the music of the leading German jazz and rock guitarist Volker Kriegel, that even the viewer spoilt by live soccer will enjoy seeing it. The artistes of the bid ball become leading dancers at the penalty mark. Slow motion, animation, modification or restriction of color further lend emphasis to the close interaction with the musical movements, achieving a positive unity, regardless weather attention is focussed on the goalkeeper, on team play, on vigorous tackling or on goalmouth excitement, which are all synchronized in sequence form with the musical sections. The film contains extracts from 13 first division soccer games in Germany. –Joachim Kreck

Atlas Dei

Atlas Dei

A lyrical journey through time and space into the mystery of our cosmos. In this feature length film, musician Robert Rich and filmmaker Daniel Colvin weave the strands of science, myth, and poetic vision into a powerful and compelling tapestry of the human enigma.

Order from Chaos

Order from Chaos

The idea for this part of the story started on a day when there was really heavy rain hitting the roof window at my old flat. I got out my binaural mics and put my head right up by the window with the big raindrops hitting all around. They made nice individual percussive noises, with great spatial positioning, so I decided to use them to seed a piece of music.